Move Fast Stay Low

Who Are We?

OK, so now you wondering who are we? You may of never heard of us before?
We are MEC (Military Experience Clan). We Only Play Realistic games such as Battlefield Bad Company, Vietnam. That's the Franchise we play. No CoD. As you guessed, we are a clan, that only play with Members that have Military Experience, or Previous.
(Don't worry we will battle against non-military clans.)

We Are Hardcore Gamers, we have been in military service and currently still serving. We Play for FUN. We do like a good battle to fight though, none of the leaving games stuff.
We are only XBOX 360, Possibly when we get going we may be moving to PS3 also. 
Unfortunate (no discrimination, prejudiced, racial, or ethnic intent) But we are Only Recruiting British Men and Women for the clan, That have Experience in the Military. 

To find out if your, eligiable to join. Go on over to ' Is It For Me ' Page. 

Over n Out!