Move Fast Stay Low


Onslaught is Yet another DLC. It is best if you have this DLC as for you can take part in Training and expand your skills. Not essential but is Recommended. 

Onslaught is a CO-OP mode and has up to 4 players at a time. 

MEC Soldiers will do most of their training on this mode. 

There will be at least One Instructor and Two soldiers. 

The Training will begin on Easy then straight to
HARDCORE, this is to get you use to the map and the setting of the level and train you up.
Then on Hardcore you will be getting tested on what you have learnt, everything is put to the test, Just remember remain calm and work with you team! 

Onslaught is a good way for the Squad Leaders to train their squads. Leaders will mainly use this mode. 

Note that this is a CO-OP Mode and Is Use For Training or For to see how your going. Therefore there will be no Online matches.