Move Fast Stay Low

The Squads

Alpha Squad - FM Wylde K - Fire team/Squad Leader. 

Bravo Squad - Second Lieutenant Cuddy J - Fire team/Squad Leader.

Charlie Squad -  Awaiting Leader

Delta Squad - Brigadier Morris S - Fire Team/Squad Leaders..

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Each squad has a different leader, and each leader is fully capable of training the squad to its MAXIMUM Potential!
Each Leader will has his different techniques in training, but you are all for sure to be THE BEST!

Be sure when - IF you become a squad leader that you will have alot of RESPONSIBILITY. You are to:-

  - Train Soldiers Regular 
  - Timings Are Correct 
  - Soldiers Are Up To Date With All Intel
  - Be A Role Model 
  - Much More Too!

Think you got what it takes eh? Well show your worth in training and online! 

Over n Out