Move Fast Stay Low


OK when you are in M-E-C, we will host at least Three Training sessions a week, where all soldiers are required to attend. 
(not attend? You will be warned once, next time, you will be dishonourable discharge)

  - Will be taught by the Instructors
  - Your Chosen Class Will Be The Class You Will Train To Specialize In
  - You will be taught, Tactics, How to use the environment and Much More
  - You will be taught all new stuff. 
  - If you don't know the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, Learn it. We will Test You. 

  - You will be Taught how to actually handle the weapon, and how to use the class to the maximum efficiently!
  - You will Learn the Maps 
  - There Is Loads To Learn, And It Will Be long but be worth while.
  - Different Training sessions may take longer thank others, depending on the programme.

You Will enjoy the training, we have excellent instructors and are always helpful, but you may get bored or don't want to do it any more.
All you have to do is get over it, Show us you determination and you be in good stead for gaining promotion 

Over n Out