Move Fast Stay Low

What do we do?

OK, Now you want to know what we do! 

Simple really. We Play the Battlefield Franchise. Only on XBOX 360. 
We try to make realistic games even more realistic. Hence the Military Experience. 
We put real life tactics in the games in which we play,
We use real communication skills among other comrades,
We use the environment to our advantage,
We work by Classes. 
We work as a T.E.A.M! 

As Part of the M-E-C You will Learn new Military skills, acquire new tactics, Make Friends, Gain Promotion, and possible Enjoy Gaming Again.

You don't usually see the word TEAM, in games, but with us, we are guilty as charged for it. 

Teamwork is a Major priority in our clan, If you know you don't have it, or you don't know what it means. Don't bother applying.

Sounds like you? Think you got what it takes to be the next M-E-C member? Head over to 'Is it For Me?'

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