Move Fast Stay Low

The Process

Right Your Here becuase you think you have all the requirements, and you got what it takes right? 

You first will need to 'contact us' over on the contact us page. 

Second of all you will then be requested among with 4 other players to undergo the online test! 
  -  The test will be conducted by the instructors, and the Field Marshall of the clan, (opposing side)
  -  There will also be a evaluator on your side to see how well you preform. (he/she will not help or play)

  -  The process is different to other clan trials, as it will be based on how well you(s) preform as a team, weather or not you win or lose.
  -  You also have One Week to respond to you application, otherwise you will not be attending the the Process.
  -  (please be patient as we will need to find 3 other applicants)

Thirdly, the evaluator, Instructors and The Field Marshall will go over how well you preformed on your game. 
  - Bear in mind you will be tested on:-
  - Communication
  - Teamwork 
  - Environmental Usage 
  - How well you preform under pressure
  - Class Test.

After we have conducted our reviews on the fellow applicants, we will mark you out of 100.
After the review and marking is done we will contact the applicant, telling you whether you passed, failed or deferred.


After we have told you that you have:-

  - Passed - Congratulation, you have what it takes to be a MEC soldier, and will be placed on the waiting list*
  - Failed - Unfortunately you haven't got what it takes to be a MEC soldier, and will not be able to apply again.
  - Deferred - Another Chance - You may of not passed first time round, but we feel that you have the potial to be a MEC soldier.

* Waiting list, is alternate. it will change every 4 people in a game. Once a game is complete, and you took part you will move to the bottom so next four can take part. 

Good Luck to you all who take part and we hope to see you soon out on the BATTLEFIELD! 

Over n Out