Move Fast Stay Low


Vietnam as some of you may know is a DLC, So in order to play and to be a soldier in V section, you must download it. 

V Section :- 

  - Field Marshall / IC Wylde K
  - Brigadier / 2IC Morris S

Training for V section is the same as on the original BFBC:2 

There are different Maps, Weapons, and Vehicles so therefore we shall train you up on how to play/use this DLC to MEC Minimum standards. 

To be referred to join V section you will be asked to take a selection test for it. DO NOT ASK US - WE WILL ASK YOU! 
It will be similar to the original for BFBC:2. 

So you want to be part of V Section, Show your worth on BFBC 2 and you might get referred. 

Please Note that if your part of  V Section, you will be part of an Elite team. There will be alot expected from you!

Over n Out